Traditional Thai Massage in Glasgow

At Thai Ann Massage, our therapists are highly trained in providing Traditional Thai Massages in Glasgow. This style of massage uses no oils or lotions and the recipient remains clothed during treatment. The client will be placed in different positions to loosen the muscles and joints. The massage will help contribute to an overall feeling of bodily comfort.

Price: 60 min £45 | 90 min £65 | 120 min £85

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For a Traditional Thai massage in Glasgow that will refresh your soul as well as your body, come and visit Thai Ann. If you have any questions, then give us a call on 
07468 887 388 or email us at


Traditional Thai Massage in Glasgow

The Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

  • The stretching and relaxation of muscles and tendons, which reduces muscle contraction.
  • Blood circulation: The treatment causes blood vessels to expand, enhancing blood flow and improving organ function.
  • Stimulation of the nervous system. After this treatment, you'll feel more responsive to natural surroundings.
  • Improve alertness at work.
  • Improve joint function and make movement more fluid.



How Long Does It Take?

60 minutes as standard, but we also offer 90- and 120-minute sessions. This style of massage is good for relaxation if you don't have much tension in your body. If you would like us to focus on a specific region, such as your back or legs, as well as including work on your body as whole, then 90-minute or 120-minute sessions are your best options. The extended time of the session allows your therapy to really get into the muscles and focus on alleviating tension and knots.

Price: 60 min £45 | 90 min £65 | 120 min £85








Relax and Renew, the Traditional Way
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Our staff are professional therapists who do not offer sexual services. Please do not embarrass them, or yourself, by asking. You will be asked to leave, immediately, without a refund!